Your radio station needs a new morning show but you have two problems.


1 - Your budget won't let you hire the talent you need to deliver a compelling local show every morning.


2 - Nationally syndicated shows don't understand and relate to your audience in Alabama.


Alabama's Morning Show with Suzanne and Chris is the solution. Now you can have a show that understands your audience and is talking about the same things they are talking about. And it definitely fits your budget because there is no affiliation fee.


Alabama's Morning Show is available exclusively to radio stations in Alabama and works well with many different music formats including Adult Contemporary, Country, Classic Hits, Pop CHR, Hot AC, Classic Rock and more.


What's it all about?

Suzanne and Chris talk about whatever people across Alabama are talking about. That includes events and news stories happening in the state as well as personal experiences from living in Alabama. It also includes national and international stories of interest, always told from a perspective that brings the story home to our Alabama audience. Guests on the show are people in Alabama doing exciting things for Alabama. The show is NOT political and focuses on positive stories that can help your audience greet each day with a smile. Our mission is to create a greater sense of community across the state.


Who are Suzanne and Chris?

Suzanne and Chris have spent more than four decades (combined - we aren't THAT old!) on the air at radio stations across Alabama. They have won ten Radio Morning Show of the Year Awards from the Alabama Broadcasters Association in small and medium markets as well as other awards including Radio Station of the Year. Each of them has a thorough understanding of what it takes to succeed in the radio business from working with local advertisers to connecting with listeners in a very real and personal way.


Terms: 100% Barter, no cash


Content: The show consists of twelve fresh content segments each weekday. These segments can be used to make a three hour show with four segments per hour or a four hour show with three segments per hour. Segments fit seamlessly inside your music and local content. Each segment is between two and three minutes long.


Delivery: All files are delivered in MP3 format before 5AM via FTP


Localization: Suzanne and Chris will record local liners, intros, station IDs and other content to help you make it as local as possible. They will record commercials for your clients at very reasonable rates. Local appearances for station events can also be arranged when possible.


Contact: Email us at or call (256) 453-9898


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